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Share a day in the life of The Golab Family

Postby Tassie Devil » Fri Jan 30, 2009 9:50 am

Well I thought I should start with Sharing a day in the life of the Golab Family as we have asked others to share a glimpse into their days, so it seems only fair that we start with sharing ours.

Each day here is as unique as the last and no two are ever the same. Sure we often start out with a list of things we wish to achieve, but more often than not the list goes out the window at around 7am when we all start our day and find that what we really want to achieve today is nothing like the list we prepared the day before!

We never wake to an alarm, well at least the children never do, they are free to wake up and get up at a time that suits them. For us parents though the alarm rings at 6.15 Monday to Friday. This is when it is time for us to get up and for Mum to prepare Dad's breakfast and Lunch for is upcoming day at work. This is something I choose to do, as I love sharing this time with my Husband as it is more often than not a time when there is only me and him to content with, so amongst the waking up, hustle and bustle of getting orgainsed we get a few minutes of adult time together for conversation and communication.

Just after 7am Dad leaves for work and I start organising the washing from the day before, doing the breakfast dishes and try - though I often fail- to watch the morning news.

The children wake anytime from 6.30am onwards, but more often than not they rise around the same time as each other and venture up the two flights of stairs to the kitchen / dinning room / lounge area, where they will often either ask for breakfast or plonk themselves in front of the TV and catch a few minutes of cartoon time. Sometimes they will stop as they reach the top of the first flight of stairs and wander into the computer room and either check their emails, play an educational game or log onto one of their favourite websites like National geographic for kids or discovery channel.

When they are ready they will initiate eating breakfast. As is the case, once one starts getting breakfast ready the others will come until we are all eating breakfast together. This is when the children and I will often talk about what we did yesterday, what we would like to do today, what kind of weather we think today will provide us, any issues they or I might have and sometimes the children just ask that I read a chapter out of the latest book we are reading together as a family. These stories are often ones that I read as a child and considered classics, like Little Women, Gulliver's Travels etc, but we will also read books like Judy Moody and The Royal Diaries together.

Once breakfast is over we all pitch in with cleaning up. It is after this time (which can occur anytime between 6.30am to 10.30 am in the day!) that the children usually decide to turn to something a little move conventional and resembling school work. The children each have workbooks which they choose to do. Our kids are the kind that like to get some work to do each day and enjoy seeing their progression through their workbooks and really get excited when they have finished a workbook. Generally they work from the start to the end of the book as most books get progressively harder as you work through them, but occasionally they will skip pages only to do harder work and then at a later date return to the easier stuff. I don't mind which way they do it as long as they do their best and use neat hand writing. Generally each child will do some writing, spelling, grammar, maths work each day from their workbooks. Then they will move onto other things such as playing with dominoes, blocks, shop, reading, watching documentaries, playing outside, cooking, computers or a host of other learning opportunities.

Some days we can start early and work until lunchtime, other days we leave the work until late in the day and on the odd occasion we have worked in the evening, depending on a variety of circumstances and of course how hot the weather might be!

We also have lazy days where the children stay in their pajamas just because they can. Today seems to be one of those days. Don't get me wrong, they do get up and get dressed each day, but every now and then, they just want to hang around in their pajamas and be different. Other days they dress up as wizards and fairies and work hard at their learning. That's the beauty of homeschooling the children can be free to express their needs, desires and make their own choices on how they are going to learn and when they want to do it..

Some weeks we do learning Monday to Friday,
Others the learning is done over the weekend with some days off in the week. We are not rigid in how and when the learning takes place, but we are mindful and responsible for ensuring that learning does happen and that the children have the best environment we can possibly provide them with to help them learn.

I shall come back soon and give a glimpse into a particular day for you all a little later.

Looking forward to Sharing a day with your Homeschooling Family! so please don't be shy!
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